Data type entry for videos


I’m trying to follow this guide on setting up a video background plugin -

Either the layout of Data tpyes has changed or I’m going insane as I cant figure how to get the plugin to work.
I’m fairly sure where I’m going wrong is linking the data entry to the plugin itself (as the layout has changed)

I have attached a screenshot of how I have set mine up.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Did you create an entry for that Backgroundvideos data type? Do that under the App Data tab and make sure that file is uploaded to that newly created item.


I hadnt done this! It seems I was looking at the documentation wrong(I’m so new).

I told myself I would give up at 12am. It’s 11:55 and you saved the day :smiley:

Thank you!

Hi again,

Sorry to bug you.
I have the video background working great in the designer but for some reason its not playing when I use the URL “” outside of the designer preview.

I have updated/deployed the site multiple times incase it was an issue there.
I have tried it on Chrome, Edge & Safari(Mobile) and all of them arnt working.