Data type not being sent through Go to Page workflow in live version

Hi. I have a basic workflow were I try to send the data type of a page (an Order created on Step 1) through a Go to page action as seen in the image and it’s working properly on dev environment but not in the live version. Meaning that the data(Order) is not being sent.

I already checked:

  • Privacy rules
  • deployed last changes
  • try in different browsers

But nothing … :pensive: Does someone knows why?

Did you check if the data is getting created in step 1?

Yes, it’s being created.

hi @vvaleravella

I am not very sure if it works this way like you try, but there are two other ways which will work and I am always using for sending data between pages.

  1. URL parameters
    Good for temporary data.
  2. creating Data sets
    Create a data type “shopping cart” with a shortcut to the current user.
    Create data when any item is “added to cart”.
    Call that data when you open the checkout page.

I´d refer to the second solution if I understand your need correctly from the screenshot, because you can use that data in the future for a lot of other things too. (Like analytics or sth else)

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