Data type or data source error when navigating to another page?

Greetings! I’m trying to set up a story reading site (like Wattpad, Quotev, or AO3) where users can write and read stories (also add them to their library, leave comments, etc), follow each other, and more. I’m creating the profile (profile) and “write a story” (write) page right now. The profile pages will display user info as well as their published stories and other user’s stories they have added to their collections, if they have any.

I have set a condition for the profile page so that when the Current User is the same as the Current Page User, they will see icons to edit their profile, edit their collections, and create stories. When they click on the plus icon, it will navigate to the write page.

The problem is, I think, my write page’s type of content is set to Story and I get this error

I’m at a loss at which of these I need to fix so users can create stories from their profiles. Maybe I missed a field for the User data type?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi there, @jiemeycivi… the easiest way to address the issue you described is to remove the Type of conent for the write page. Since you would never be sending an existing story to that page as part of navigating to it, the page doesn’t need to have Story as its type of content, and it actually doesn’t need a type of content at all. The thing to keep in mind is that if you have defined a type of content for a page, you always have to send a thing of that type to the page when you navigate to it (even if you just send an empty search), and if you don’t, you will get an error.

Hope this helps.


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