Data type thing search in another data type thing found, but not saved

Hello Bubblers,

I am a bit confused on this issue. I am searching in one data type thing for a another data type thing, to connect each data types. In some fields this works as expected. It is found and saved. In some others it doesn’t. It is found, but it is not saved.

In the Screenshot below you see that the thing I am searching for, is found.

If I klick on it and the entry is in the field, I go on with the save button. As said in some cases it works and in some I get this message in between other messages (had a hard time to take a screenshot of it, had to be really fast).

When this message appears the entered thing is not present anymore after saving.

Here some things i already looked into:

  • The values are identical in both data types for the working and the not working one
  • The connection is with the correct field, which has to be the case as some work correctly and some not
  • In the reference data type ‘Account Groups’, there is no duplicate entry in the account_group thing, as it is my key
  • Working without a reference field, just writing the account group as text into the accounts is also no option, as I need to be able to aggregate on the same and use it in repeating groups without duplication

Would really appreciate your help here. Don’t know anything else I could try here to make it work.

Best Regards

It is always good to write the things you are thinking about down. After writing the error here down, I realized, I had a backend workflow that countered my initial entry. I removed the malfunctioning backend workflow and it worked.