Data unique to client

I will use 99Designs clone as context for purposes of explanation.

Client A lists three design competitions (1,2,3)
Client B lists three design competitions (4,5,6)
20 Designers submit a design for each competition (1-6, 120 total design submissions)

How do you structure the Client Dashboard so it only gives the user the option to view design entries for their competitions (i.e. Competitions 1,2,3 for Client A and Competitions 4,5,6 for Client B)?

I’ve built this page but at the moment its showing all 5 competitions, regardless of who the user is.

Furthermore, how do you structure each Competition landing page so it only displays designs submitted for it specifically?

Ive built these pages as well, but currently they each display all 120 designs regardless of which competition it was submitted for.

Thank you very much!

Apply constraints in your repeating group’s data source.

Creator=current user will help you filter out the entries created only by this user.

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Thanks Sharma. now im being asked to complete the statement “'s ____” after “Current user”. any ideas?

im also wondering if the Creator of the entry within the RG is the Designer of the contest entry, not the creator of the Contest, i.e. the Client, who is the person that i want constrain fo, no?