Data update in the repeating group

Imagine the following scenario: I have a page that shows the profile of a user, photo at the top, and below a series of information in a repeater group, in the case of subjects that the user likes to talk about …

In my study application I’m working on (a Single Page Application), I have a series of users, each with a different number of subjects: some have two subjects, others have 5, others have much more.

Well then. When I enter the profile of one of these users, the repeater group shows the user’s information correctly. When I return to this profile page, only now viewing another user’s profile, before he shows the data of the new user, he exposes the subjects that were previously shown, causing an unpleasant experience for those who are doing this action.

Does anyone have any idea how to get around this?

Is what you are saying is there is a temporary delay where the prior user’s information list (based on that user’s subjects) is shown with a new user, before disappearing and being replaced by the new user’s information list?

If so, you might find the solution in some workflow options in the Element Actions / Repeating Group. Mainly “Clear list” and “Display list”.

PS: note with “Display list” I think it tries to load the whole list. Initially I was using it, but it was causing a delay since it was loading the whole list in the background (which was pretty large), whereas a repeating group scrolling action only loads what is needed.

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Thank you for your feedback!

Exactly! But I have already tried the workflows you mentioned, clear list and show list. They didn’t work.

I keep trying some other solution.

Ah, sorry and best of luck! I haven’t tried it, but logically I would think that if when you navigate away from the first user you kick off a “clear list” workflow, and then when the new user is selected you do a “show list” workflow, that would prohibit the old user’s info from still being there. The key would be having the search parameters being in the “show list” workflow rather than in the repeating group.

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Perhaps that is the secret. I just read in the reference manual on the clear list and it really seems that the “repeating group” cannot have a standard “data source”, it has to be informed via “display list”. I’ll test it and come back here with feedback!

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