Data Update Log


I want to create a journal of data update in my SaaS.

Everytime a user is modifying any data from User table, i want to display the data updated, the value before, the value after, the ID of the person who has done the update and the date of the modification.

In order to do this, I have :

  • created a new table “Journal log”, with the following fields: FieldModified, DataBefore, DataAfter, ModifDate, ModifDoneBy
  • created a backendworkflow for each table, so for example, User → trigger a new event on table USER.

My question is: do I have to create a new action for each field of the table. So if my table User has 15 fields, I need to create 15 actions i.e Create a new field Journal Log, when User’name now is not User’s name before.

Or is there any other way to log new entry in my Journal table everytime any field of the table User is modified ?

Thanks a lot for your help,