Data Upload Error

When trying to validate:

“There was an error analyzing your data: no doesn’t have the type boolean.”

Since this was downloaded and uploaded (attempted) using a duplicate of the exact same data type and fields, I find this most frustrating.

It was a long time ago since I encountered this error, but if memory serves it’s that Bubble is a bit picky about the formatting of boolean values.

What I vaguely remember happening is a quirk where Excel reformats the boolean fields as uppercase. So, when downloading the file it’s “yes” but then changes to “Yes” - consequently Bubble doesn’t recognize it properly.

Edit: remembered that this thread provides a good explanation of the issue…

I couldn’t get it to work. The validate button goes dead after a few validations. I have 50+ fields and every time it fails and I have to start over. Today has been a disaster with Bubble. So many bugs…

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I feel the frustration. How many records are you attempting to upload?

You’d mentioned that you are uploading a copy of the data as it exists in the system. Just a quick thought, are you flushing the database before attempting the upload?

53 records. no idea about “flushing” the database. If it is something required, shouldn’t Bubble do this automatically as part of the process?

More specifically, are you deleting the old data before you upload the new data? Since it’s a duplicate, there’s a chance that that could be causing an issue. (Likely not, but a possibility for debugging).

no because it is being uploaded to a separate datatype, so there are no duplicates

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