Data validation of input based on value of field in DB

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I am creating a fill-in-the-blank flashcards app for educational purposes. Can someone assist with data validation of the input field?
i.e. When the ‘submit answer’ icon is clicked, validate that the input field contains the ‘answer’ field value of the corresponding question.

I have a data type of ‘card’ with 3 fields (question, answer, and incorrect with feedback).

So far the app is just a rectangular shape (a card) with a dynamic text field randomly pulled from ‘question’, an input field, and an icon to trigger an event (ideally…check answer and transition to “correct” or “incorrect with feedback”)

Thanks in advance for any assistance!!


Hi there, Will… the way I might go about this one is to have multiple workflow steps triggering off the icon, and each step only triggers in a specific case.

So, when the icon is clicked, you would have a workflow step to “transition to correct” (whatever that means for your app) only when the input field’s value is the associated question’s answer. You would then have another workflow step to transition to “incorrect with feedback” only when the opposite is true (i.e., when the input field’s value is not the associated question’s answer).

Does that make sense? Hope this helps get you down a good path.


Hey Mike,
Thanks for the quick reply! The problems I was having were actually EBKAC :frowning:

I had a text field “question” on the card that was dynamic data from the DB and I couldn’t figure out why the input field “answer” was not validating against the corresponding answer in the DB.

My workflow logic was basically…
Event: Show text “Correct” if input value is parent group’s answer.

Well duh, the parent (in this case, the group) has no “answer” value because the data was generated in the text field (which is a parent to nothing). All was resolved when I set the data source of the group’ to “Search for Cards:random item” and set the dynamic value of the ‘Question’ text field to “Parent Groups Card’s Question”.

Clearly a noob issue…

Now I’m on to an issue with the random item not being random (same item every time) but I’ll open another thread for that one.

Thanks again!


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