Data Wiped out Any ideas?

Hello , i made an app where i can store when patients need their medicine (by adding events to the calendar)

I’ve never had a problem but i just opened the app today and all the data was lost?
I did do an Upgrade to the SQL server on the computer … could this have been the issue???

– This happened on LIVE Version , No recent changes made to the program. Program has been live for almost a year.

I am at a loss here , any help would be greatly appreciated as this is a lot of Data Gone.

Ps: please let me know if there is anything i can provide on here to help others better understand the issue.

@vadrian2009 If the data is stored in the app database, we have not received similar reports. You can restore the database to a previous point in time. If you are storing the data in an external database and not in the app, then please check your external database settings.


Thank you for your input , i will update you on the situation as soon as i am able to get a small break here at work.