Database - advanced filtering of repeating groups

Hello! I am very recent to Bubble but I have been pushing to develop my first app since day one.
I am trying to filter repeating groups (Feeds of a newsfeed) based on a set of variables.

While I succeeded in filtering using “search of feeds” function with ad-hoc parameters in Example 1 (Feed type is a single value coming from an option set, if Current User Active Topics contain that value the post is visible).

I did not succeed in example 2 (Feed target is a list of values coming from an option set, if Current User specialisation matches with at least one value the post is visible)

First try: Search of feeds function first

Second try: Advanced filtering function

I do not understand if I am making a mistake on the database. In both cases (feed type and feed target) inputs come from option set.

The formula seems to be working with both search of users and advanced filtering when I just input one option of the option set. (see example below).

Is there anyone that could help me to shed light on the subject?

Thank you sooooo much!

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