Database (backend) functions


I’m looking for help creating functions for my back end database. I have a few functions I would like to run on the backend without a front end trigger.

example 1: Each user has a field [scores] which is a list of numbers and a field [average], how do I set the average field to take the average of scores

example 2: Each user has a field [handicap] which is a number and a field [points] which is also a number. I want to handicap and and points to have a static relationship.

Handicap = 1 then points = 10
Handicap =2 then points = 20
Handicap =3 then points = 30 etc.

Can this stuff be done on the backend similar to how excel works? Do I need to install a plug in or is it easier with a plug in? Do I send me data to google sheets and then back? ( that sounds unnecessary )some guidance would be much appreciated :pray:

In both case, you don’t need to have a backend WF for that. No WF at all.

For the first example, you can just use name of the field:average when you need to display the average of this field

For the second example, you should have a DB or Options set that define theses informations and link it to the current user. So you will be able to refer to the handicap “thing” or “option set” and use other fields/attributes that you need.

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