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Database best practices (break up workflows?)

Hi guys,

I have a custom workflow that adds 10 new field records to a particular data type. This workflow sends data to a popup which only needs the data from four of these fields created. How much time do you think I’d save per page by creating a separate workflow that saves the data in a separate workflow that happens behind the scenes at a later time? Essentially, I’m trying to get to whether there is a marginal time number for every field added, computation done, workflow run, etc so that I spend less time guessing.

I’m mentally trying to get to some version of:

  • Create a thing (1 seconds)
  • Field (0.25 seconds per field)
  • Search (3 seconds)
  • Filter (5 seconds)
  • Create account for someone else (+10 seconds?)

I spend a lot of time debugging different database configurations because I still don’t have a good sense on best practices other than “limit usage of filters.” Obviously there are a lot of influencing factors to load times and I don’t expect these things to be right all the time, but I think we should have a good sense on the things that take much longer than others and the best way to optimize time (e.g. maybe break up into separate workflows that happen behind the scenes for data that doesn’t need to load on the next group/page – if this even necessary/works much better?).

I don’t think you can have a workflow like create a thing run in the background? I have a bunch of things I create in one workflow when i create a thing of ‘job’ and it takes up to 30 seconds or even longer to create all these things. The user doesn’t need all things immediately but it is better that they get created already. However, during the creation of the thing(s), the progress bar runs but you cannot navigate to another page.

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