Database - deleted fields - performance impact?

I think I know the answer but guess I’m seeking confirmation…

Does the number of deleted fields within a database Thing have any impact on the DB performance?

I assume it doesn’t but am just wondering if a lot of deleted fields can cause any unintended bloat?

Thanks in advance folks!

Hi @MartinFigg

Here’s an answer by co-founder josh about this:

Full answer:

When you delete a data type, it’s not actually deleted yet. It’s just hidden and you can restore it at any time.

If you wanted to permanently delete it, first delete it the normal way, then run a optimization of your app, this deletes unused data fields.

Find it at Settings > General > Scroll down

That’s also great for cleaning up unused CSS settings that build up over time as you are building in Bubble. This increases page load speed significantly.


Thanks very much for this info and pointers - feel comfortable about how we are handling the deleted fields now!

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