Database flickering with data

Hi all,

I seem to have an issue with my database.

For some reason, whenever a user creates a new ‘thing’ in my case a support ticket, the ones below it begin to flicker and then doesn’t allow you to click them to display the rest of it’s data?

Please ignore the bottom of the screen moving, this was mid making the gif but I can’t fathom why the data is flickering and not being able to access the data anymore.

Hi there, @jamesmeeds… that certainly is weird… it looks like it might be flickering between some sort of placeholder and the user’s name. Can you share screenshots of that element’s setup, including any conditionals? I’m also wondering if it might be related to privacy rules somehow, but without being able to see under the hood, it’s hard to say what could be causing it.


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Turns out, it was me being silly with conditions!

Note to self… don’t add silly conditions that end up looping!

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