Database for Job Board


I am trying to create a Job board on bubble, and I am experiencing some difficulties creating the proper DB to interface with bubble correctly.

I need the following objects:
User - Email and more admin fields.
Profile - holding Name Phone and lots of other fields
Application - holding user field (and lots others)

The problem arises when I try to search for job applications. Let say I have Job listing A and a Candidate applying for that job. On the page where I can view the applications, I would like to sort the application seen by application status, phone, name, etc.
But this is only possible if I have the filed Name/phone/email on the application itself, meaning I need to duplicate many fields.
Without Keeping lists of objects of course ( as if i had a list of all the applicants it would get huge in a matter of days making the searches unusable).

Any solutions for that?


One hacky way would be to extract all that metadata and “dump” it inside one text field in the application.

You are running a search and you want that entry found and you want to avoid duplication of records and you want speed.

This would be a way to accomplish all of the above since your entry would be found fast :wink:

Granted: the duplication would take place … but that field would be limited to “garbled” text and unusable for all effects and purpose other than for searching.

So this idea is cool and could also be implemented with algolia, but still, I can’t filter the search by job listings with this solution.


Not sure what you mean on filter the search. You can filter related data using “contains” or “is in”.

Anyways, the idea is to have all metadata as a text in a text field. This can be automated through backend flows when a job is added.