Database Help / Element Functions - How to Display Data, and also chnage date when function is issued

Hello, I got another question regarding bubble, I’m trying to make a text-based game, and so far it’s going great. I’ve two fields Users and Store, the store is a in-game page where current users are able to purchase resources and units.

I’m currently stuck at the logic behind it, I’m currently requiring a foundation where a
A) table is created on the page, (b) which displays current data from Store_Units consisting of, Unit_Name, Unit_Cost and so on, at the same line. © it determines if the current user has enough resources, then updates the current users profile with taking away required expenses and adding 1 unit or building.

if an admin automatically updates the database the added item or unit will automatically appear on the table page without me or someone requiring to edit the interface.

Is that doable?

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