Database inconsistent - customer sending screenshots showing items that I don't see in the DB

I have a customer who is showing me 11 items which are showing up on her account, but when I look at them in my database, they’re not there at all.

I’m trying to think through what could possibly cause this. She had to create each item one-at-a-time, so there’s no way it’s just cached on her machine. Is it possible that the database is somehow stored in two places and hasn’t been reconciled yet for me?

What could possibly cause two different users in two different locations to have the data in the database be different?


  • Yes, we’re both on Live
  • Yes, I’m checking the correct user
  • Yes, I’ve hard-refreshed my own browser
  • Yes, I clicked Refresh Data
  • No, I don’t accidentally have some search term in the DB that’s preventing it from showing up

What could possibly be happneing here?

UPDATE: It seems somehow the data was deleted, but she still had them cached in her browser. The weird thing is that there’s NO FUNCTIONALITY anywhere on the whole website to delete those items. They should be undeleteable, except through itself. Related question: is it possible to restore LIVE to DEVELOPMENT for the purpose of debugging? I don’t want to actually roll back the DB on live, as we would lose a lot of additional information, but I want to go back and see at what point they were actually deleted, to try to figure out when this happened.

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