Database issue that won't search

Hello bubblers! I’m trying to do something that in my head is simple!

I have a dropdown list that defines each Job we have. When you click on the specific Job, it will then display a search of data for each box. At the moment, I am able to select the job, but no data is being shown, could anyone help?

As you can see below, this is my setup. The panel at the left is what I call the stats panel, it’s picking up that there is two jobs, but when I select job 1 which is “Link Worker” is should detect that there is 1 applicant. You can see in the “Job Recruitment” area that Kevin is there but it doesn’t seem to be showing him.

Here is my search query, I am trying to say, if the ID of the search box matches the ID of an applicant, then it should show, but it isn’t, any ideas?

Solved! - I’ve just recreated it and it worked!