Database Management

Hi. I am interested in the balance between database functionality and control and the strategic direction for Bubble. I’m looking for a little more control than is currently offered by the platform and I’m trying to determine the best way forward.

A good example is deleting large numbers of rows from a database table. It is difficult to do via the data UI and the speed of a call to the API to delete a list of things is pretty poor. I assume this is because it is attempting to push database updates out through it’s application layers to ensure that the UI of any apps is up-to-date. The quickest way to do this is typically to drop and recreate the table itself.

My question really is, given that Bubble may well strategically want to make the idea of a database and managing low-level details less obvious to people building on the platform, is this something that it is worth waiting for or should I be looking at using third-party database storage that offers a little more control and integrating via APIs?


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Did ypu get any answer?