Database not recording manually entered values (part 2)

Already posted a while back but could not reproduce. Now able to reproduce bug, though not able to identify exact parameters required to reproduce bug:

I am entering some values on database from backend and the values are then reset. See screencast:

Makiavelia _ Bubble Editor (6)

Hi @umiumansa , you’re not the only one having this kind of issues. I’ve been experiencing the same problem on one of my apps. I’ve filled a bug report , hoping Bubble would find the source of this strange behavior (which seems to happen randomly).

Happened to me some days ago. I was creating some items manually on the database and they didn’t appear right away.

They ended up appearing some minutes later with a pair of browser refreshs. It was a very odd behaviour that I wasn’t able to reproduce either.

It didn’t happen again since then. Finger crossed!

Today I was on live database trying to fix something with users and I simply tried to change a database field from YES to NO and Bubble just wouldn’t have it. :frowning:

Is anyone not able to simply see their database in the data tab? I’m using microsoft edge, just started happening this morning.

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