Database - observations about behaviour and performance

Noting a few database-related issues…

When deleting an entry in a table in the database, after the confirmation screen the record is deleted and the next record in the table disappears. If I select a different table and then reselect the one from which the record was deleted, the “missing” record is displayed again. So, although data isn’t lost, this is a somewhat disconcerting behaviour.

I have observed when using Chrome (on OSX) that there are times when not all records in a table are displayed. In fact , sometimes none are displayed even though I know there are records there. Switching to Safari, I can see the all the records. Behaviour is intermittent.

Finally, I am seeing delays in displaying data, both in the backend admin when selecting a table - there will be a one to two second delay, and also in my app - one to two second delay between the page loading and the data-driven elements being populated. This behaviour is consistent.

Just providing these for info more than anything else. I’m assuming the Bubble team wants to know about these kind of things.

Yes, I’ve seen this many times using Chrome on a MacbookPro.

Also, in Chrome in Windows 7 under the AppData tab in the Data section…

when deleting one record at a time in the Viewer screen by clicking on the trash icon), eventually all the data disappears from the screen – like there are no more records. Only way to get it back is to refresh the entire page.

It usually happens after the 3rd or 4th deletion, specially when using the “enter” button instead of clicking.

We’ll look into it. The App Data section isn’t supposed to be 100% real time (while run mode is), but we’ll investigate.

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i’m having the same issue here, macOS 10.11.4 (15E65) with Chrome Version 50.0.2661.102 (64-bit)

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Seen the same. I also think the repeating group takes too long to load. I have one that is just a comment system and on pages with only one to two comments it takes one to two seconds to load after the rest of the page is loaded.

Is this still happening? I have a repeating group and its source is a search. I’m seeing a very strange behavior like this one described here, both on development and live, right now (actually for the last two hours until 10 minutes ago). When I add something that should be appearing in the list, sometimes it appears, sometimes not, and sometimes some old thing deleted show up for like 3 seconds and disappear again. Looks like a eventually consistency behavior but hard to predict. Now, without a change on the app it seems to be working fine.

We’re working on upgrading our backend so let’s see if that goes away within 2/3 weeks.

I noticed that this problem of things disappearing on repeating group when they are recently written happens when I use “do a search for”. If I get from a list it doesn’t happen, but what happen is the other problem I mentioned on another thread that sometimes the repeating group comes blank, and I have to hit refresh (F5) to solve. It happens both on development and live. Since I read about the limit of 1000 on lists I started to change from list to “foreign key” and now this problem of things disappearing is back. For my app, this is a big deal. It is like posting an reply here on the forum and seeing your answer disappear. Makes the app impossible to use. If there is a workaround meanwhile please let me know.

If you can identify a particular situation where that happens we can look into it (file a bug report). Otherwise it’s a big hard for us to diagnose what is happening.

On the other hand, we’re still actively working on a completely new system, so that will likely go away in a 2 weeks or so. If you’re not launching before that that’s probably best to wait a bit.

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Thanks. I don’t plan to launch before that but I wanted to have beta users already testing before that. Other concern is that this may not be solved. But thanks anyway. I’ll see what to do on the next few days.

Well if there still are features after we upgrade we’ll definitely fix them.

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@edd and @Trustlii

I know this is an old post but I’m facing the same issue here, where the records are not displaying using Chrome on Macbook Air.

Did you fix this issue?


Try resetting the display zoom in the browser to 100%, if zoom is different, the data may not be displayed.

Oh my gosh, you’re right :slight_smile:

The issue was the zoom of my browser. Thanks @deadpoetnsp!

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