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Database Processing stops after 12 entries when page changes

Recording of the issue:


I have created a calendar where you can enter Recurring entries. My logic works and I am able to create multiple entries based on the user’s date and frequency selections.

HOWEVER, when at the end of the workflow if I say “go to page: index”, the system only processes 12 Entries into my database and switches the page. The remaining ones doesn’t ever get processed.

IF I stay in the page and remove the "go to page: index: from my workflow, the system processes 12 entries into my database very quickly. Then after 30 seconds or so, processes all the remaining ones based on the users selections.

My guess is because the program tries to go to another page after running the loop in my workflow, IT STOPS processing the remaining ones when the page changes. I tried to put delays in between workflow items etc… but it didn’t work. Please let me know if you encounter this issue before and what could be a potential solution.

I simply want to process all my relevant data into my database and then move to the index via my workflow.
@DaveA @emmanuel

Looks like there is some sort of batch processing going on in the backend.

The only think I can suggest at the moment, is, on your popup, have a simple dialog, that says “generating events”, you could even use a progress bar and use a datediff to calculate how many events will be generated.

On my demo, I did not see this 12 item issue. Are you scheduling events or simply triggering them? I put a delay in the demo of 1 second, and that is why I maybe never seen the 12 item then pause issue. Maybe experiment with a larger delay just to see if that does alter the behaviour of the batch processing. Might give you more of an idea what is going on.