Database query question, Can't figure out the logic. Thanks in advance!

I have a repeating group made of music tracks, listing the name, artist, etc. Each user that logs in can purchase parts of these songs. So each track has a list of these purchases, I named them equities in the database.
I need to pull these up for the current user. So my phrase is “current cell’s track’s list of equities percent”. This does bring up those numbers, but for every user, not just the current user.
How do I get it to pull up the equities the current user has for that current cells track? Filtered by? Item# current user…? Sorted? None of these seems to work.
I know that it’s probably hard to know exactly without seeing my database. Each current user has a “portfolio”, which list the equites of each user. Tracks has a list of equities.
I was also trying to go from the user side of things, i.e. current user’s portfolio’s first item, etc but that doesn’t give me the current tracks info.
I hope this makes some sort of sense. Please hit me up for any info that I can provide to help. Thanks again!!

You need to tie the purchases to the user. So instead of the list of purchases being on/against the track, add a field on the User and make it a list of tracks. The RG source would then be User’s purchases.

Hi there, thank you for your reply! So I do have a field under user for tracks that is a list of tracks. I’ll include a screenshot. I’ll also include an image of the RG. I need to tell bubble to only display the current user’s equity for that song only. What I have written in the logic window for the text field will bring up all of purchases for that user, but I can’t get it to do just the track that is in that cell. I appreciate your effort to help me out. Thank you!!
Screenshot 2021-04-25 102814

I went from the equity’s side and it worked. Using the users ‘portfolio’, another list, as the parameters to distinguish them.