Database Question about user profile

Hello bubblers,

I would like to make a form where a user can their work experience in to update their profile.

Something that looks like this:

I was wondering what my database structure would look like?

I.e: do I need to make my user datatype have a new field called user work experience?

I would also want for them to be able to put multiple experiences down like a list so would I need to make more fields such as experience 1, experience 2 etc?

No, you need to create a new datatype called user_workexperience, with all the relevant fields as well as a field for User.

Hello thank you for your reply,

So I have made a new datatype called user_workexperience with all the relevant fields Such as title and description.

For these fields would they be a list of text since a user can add multiple experiences?

Thank you

No they won’t be lists…

Each entry will just contain a single work experience item.

Thank you!

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