Database scalability. Yay or Nay?

I am building an enterprise app. Much like a CRM system.

I am 6 month into the build now and I think that I actually can make something with this venture. Here is my concern.

I’ve been learning as I go and I am a bit concern with my database and how I’ve designed the UI with heavy searches to view data.

One example: A user can invite a new user to get referral points. When they do I need to check if the user already exist as a customer, or is already invited by someone else.

See attached picture, I think that you bubblers will understand. To my question. Then I have 10 000 users (hopefully :smile:), how will this query perform? Right now it’s all instant.

I (currently) have 5000 notifications, and Do a search for a User’s notifications is instantaneous

Thanks mate. Now I can go to bed tonight and have a good nights sleep. :slight_smile:

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