Database set up: repeating measurements of the same sample

Hi there!

We are making 1 analyse of fruit (for example Apples):
Basic Values:
Unique number for example: “101”
Picking date

This fruit is checked every month again during storage in the coldstore
During harvest we check in excel sample 101 and to the measurement (firmness/internal…)
these measurements are send by Zapier to Bubble using a web hook based on the unique number (101)
So far all ok.

Every month we check this 101 again and again which will result in overwriting the earlier data in bubble. (15 columns)

I need to calculate the difference between the measurement readings of nov and dec and jan…
or create a charts or calculate averages of variety in Nov and…

My question is:
How to organise this in a database?
making new unique sample numbers like:
101 harvest
101.1 December
101.2 January
101.3 February
101.4 …

102 harvest
102.1 December
102.2 January
102.3 February
102.4 …


101 Basic values (10-20 columns) 15 columns (harvest) 15 columns (January) 15 columns (February) .
102 Basic values (10-20 columns) 15 columns (harvest) 15 columns (January) 15 columns (February) .

or are there better ways?

Your help is much appreciated!!
thanks a lot in advance!