Database structure fro CRM

Hi all !
I have already launched 2 bubble apps (job board and market place)
Right now, i’m working on a new project which is an advanced CRM, and i’m trying to figure out the best way to structure / design the database. If you have any suggestion, any help is more than welcome :wink: Here is the thing :

I have USERS (administrators, sales people), CUSTOMERS.
Each customers can have a multi product selection (we have 4 products). Each product is personalized : so for each product i have more than 80 fields to ask to the customer to create the quote, so I have 320 fields for the products selection.

Question is regarding the data base organisation, i would do :

USER (data type)
- Account type (option set)
- Region (option set)
- Name
CUSTOMER (data type)
- Account owner ==> USER
- Name
- Stage (option set)
- …

And here is the main question of my post :wink: How would I create the product part ?
Would you create a data type “PRODUCT” linked to customer and then create 320 fields ^^?

What would be the most effective way to do it ?

Many thanks for your help !