Database structure to optimize for attributes / tagging

For the purposes of search/filtering, would it be better for my “Product-Search” data type to have fewer fields and rely more upon Lists, or to have more fields and rely heavily on Yes/No. And while they’ll primarily be used for Search / Filtering, I will also need to use on the Product-Container detail page.

The attributes will be largely static - changes won’t be frequent.

If it helps, it’s worth noting during my user flows they’ll be defining their company’s attributes primarily through a “check all that apply” flow (as opposed to Multi-select).

Should I be thinking about this from another angle?

Here’s some example data:

Fewer fields / rely on Lists:

  • Product Attributes: Organic, Non-GMO, Hormone-Free
  • Delivery Options: Local pickup, local delivery, local shipping, regional shipping, nationwide shipping.

More fields / rely on Yes/No:

  • Organic: Yes
  • Non-GMO: Yes
  • Hormone-Free: No
  • Local delivery: No
  • Local pickup: Yes

I would estimate needing as many as 15-20 Yes/No fields.