Database Thing is evaluating to a different Thing - WHY?

I have a two data Things that relate to each other - a Company thing and a Company Manager thing. Each has a field for the other on them, so a Company has a Company Manager field and vice versa.

Now I’m passing a Company to a back end workflow as “company” and trying to make changes to its Company Manager, but it’s evaluating to a Company. I’m pretty sure this is wrong, but am I missing something?

Here’s where I take “company” as a parameter for the workflow:

And here’s where I try to modify it’s Company Manager, which I can’t do because it’s reading it as a Company.


Why would this be? Is it a bug?

Hi there, @johndurso… try changing the thing to change to company, and then select the Company Manager field as the field to change.


Thanks, but the problem is, as it is so often, that I am an idiot. I had named the filed on Company as Company Manager, but accidentally selected Company as the type. So it looked all wrong but, user error.


There are only two possibilities…

Either you’re mistaken or it’s a bug…

Edit: ah… I see you’ve already answered which it was :wink:

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