Database triggers - trigger with any item within trigger type, or only for affected ones?

Do database triggers run any time any data within that type is manipulated, created, or deleted, or only when the data affected by the trigger is changed?

For example I want to mark a “Product” (Type) as “sold out” (Yes/No) when the “Quantity” (Count) is depleted. I could run a database trigger event to trigger that marking for sales, but I’m concerned that any time a field under “Product” is changed e.g. a new comment is made “Comments” (List of Comments[Type] under a Product[Type]), this will run the trigger and deplete my capacity, even if “Comments” has nothing to do with “Quantity.”

This isn’t my exact scenario, but the simplest one I could think of.

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They only run when the “only when…” condition is fulfilled. As long you set up the condition correctly, it will only trigger in certain conditions.

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