Database update from a thing urgent

hello bubble’s

I have a database that uses this data to create several things, and through one of this things I want to update the database some filds, I have doubts because whoever is being updated is the first or last item of things, but I want to update a specific item on the thing that is in the middle of a lot of data.

I want that when clicking on the “OK” button, changes will occur regarding the OS number, created by a user. The problem is there, the data referring to this specific nr OS has been in the database for some time and is together with many others.

Please help!

Your explanation is not very clear.

What have you tried and why is this hard to accomplish?

I’m asking so I understand the problem better. It seems to me that you have the data displayed so you should be able to refer to it in a workflow.

Hi, thanks for listening to me.

I will try to be more clear.

basically, I need to change the filds items in one thing by a workflow, the problem is to find that specific thing and change specific filds, because I have several things in this database.

I think I should use the unique id, but I don’t know how to search for that unique id.

in the example I use the OS and the current user to try to find it, but it doesn’t work.

Share with me the app and let me take a look. Maybe you can record a walkthrough with Loom so that I get an idea of what you’re facing.

Se você quiser, você pode falar português. :brazil:

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