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Database - User Status Query


I have an idea of a training portal system, where users can create a Course - from the Course they can create cohorts.

My problem lies with having learners for each cohort, I want them all to have a “Status” so for example, Theory, Practical, etc…

I do not know how to implement this, I cannot make infinite data fields into the User for obvious reasons, but I also don’t know how to do this simply.


Title (text)

Title (text)
Course (course)
Students (list of users)

First (text)
Last (text)
Status (options sets: status 1, status 2, etc…)

@cmarchan Thanks for the reply, what confuses me is what happens if I (User) am enrolled in more than one cohort?


Look at it from the cohort perspective. Each has its own list of students.

You can indirectly relate the user to a list of cohorts as well. In this case to also have the cohorts have a list of students would not be needed.