Database view using "Confirmed email?" field

I am trying to create a new database view using the built-in “Confirmed email?” field to debug an issue.

How do I:

  1. Show “Confirmed email?” in the list of checkboxes for “Fields to display in this view”?
  2. Use a value of “Confirmed email?” as a constraint in the “Search constraints in this view”?


I initially thought you could create a DB view for users with confirmed emails too.

The contains field isn’t dynamic.

Here’s a workaround though:

  1. Create a repeating group with a content type of users
  2. Use this as a data source:
  3. Run whatever workflows you need to on that repeating group list.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the reply. Yes I acknowledge that I can do this in the editor, but that requires me to publish live each time I want to make a change to a query. That is way too time consuming given what I am doing right now to debug an issue.

The whole benefit of the database view is that I don’t need to do anything in the product to find stuff in the database.

Is there anything tracking this gap? Given it is a built-in field, this seems like low hanging fruit and an expected function in the data tab.