Database with 10,000 lines crashing browser

Hello everybody,
I have two tables in my database.
1st product table has 6000 rows and 3 columns.
2nd customer table contains 10,000 rows and 9 columns.

To perform searches I use a serarchbox for each table.

The problem is that the browser crashes in this situation. Is there any way to resolve it? What is the most efficient way to have the best performance with this amount of lines?
Is it possible to preload the data before actually opening the application?


Do you know how much data you’re holding for record on average?

You may want to consider switching to an external database like Xano.

Have you confirmed that the search is crashing? maybe it is just not set up well.

10,000 & 6,000 are not that big DBs to cause any problems, yes they may get slow if you are using fuzzy search, but not crash.

I would recommend you duplicate the two DBs but with fewer records 1st, and test the same approach you are taking right now, just to eliminate the possibility that maybe the search setup itself is the problem.

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If you post screenshots of your database structure and search terms, someone could help you. Otherwise it’s impossible to know what’s causing the issue.

10,000 items isn’t that many.

Yeah, someone’s (not me) is going to need to see your editor if you don’t understand why your page isn’t working. As others have mentioned here, a SearchBox looking at a database of 10,000 Things isn’t going to “crash your browser”. (Just tested on a database where I have over 16,000 of some Thing and it works just fine.)