Databasing Question

Hey everyone, just getting my DB started for bubble. Have a quick question about the logic.

I am a property manager. I have about 6,000 customers across 160 buildings.

Each building has A LOT of data included in it. Including the owners.

What I have done in Airtable is have individual tables for each building as there is so much informations. I can easily bring the tables over but before I do, I want to make sure I’m doing this right.

I am thinking of having a database ofr each building and then the owners would be in each one of those?

@connellyadmin You can create a Building data type which will add 160 rows (1/building) for that data type. If each building contains a lot of information, you can create a field in it of a different data type to link information

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awesome! Yeah depending on the building it can have a lot of information. We have buildings with give owners and some with 500 owners.

We also have a board members and not just owners. as well as employees (Managers)

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