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Datas unsuscribe

Hello, novice with Bubble, I create an appli. I want to offer the possibility to the users to unsuscribe, but I want to keep the datas of listings. Is it possible?
Thanks for your answers and sorry for my english.

It is possible :smiley:

There are various ways to go about this.

A simple one could be to add a yes/no field to the user object that indicates if the user is active or not. When it is not active then build logic to restrict this user to access any pages of the application.

Thanks cmarchan for your quick answer. But doing like this the user stay in the datas ? Sorry, I’am so beginner.

Yes :smiley:

But normaly, if a user asks for unsuscribe do I have to erase his name and email adress ?

You are the application owner. Unless there is a regulatory concern like GDPR in Europe or on any other jurisdiction … I would say it is up to the application owner how to handle this. List your data management policy on a public page so that users will know how their data is managed. And … check your country’s jurisdiction on this of course. :smiley:

Thanks to you. are you american?

Nope. Lived many years though in SC and FL :smiley:. Go Gamecocks!

OK, bye!


Hello Carlos, I have not found how to restrict access to users who want to unsuscribe. I found how to delete users, ok but I need to keep in my datas bank some items which are linked with those users. Those items are created by “deleted users”.

You can see in the screenshots higher, that there is datas banks, one for users, the other named listing. The user whit a button can delete himself, but in listing datas I have “created by” and the author is the user’s name…One more time sorry and thank you.


Two thoughts:

  1. The suggestion to deactivate users is geared towards not deleting the user record from the dB and rather to build logic that restricts this user from accessing the app. Via an admin page you could activate or deactivate users as needed.
  2. When a user is deactivated you could build logic to also deactivate but preserve all of the user’s related objects.

That means I have to intervene to restrict acces to those users?
I have to find the way to restict the acces as well, where is this command. In privacy rules?
I am not pro, I began there is only 3 weeks with Bubble. I am in love with this way to develop an app.
This unscribing process is the last thing I have to do with my app.

I thank you one more time for your help.

An idea perhaps? If I create a new database with all people that ask for unsuscribe and tell in the Privacy Rules that those people can not access to there data? Do you think it is a good idea?

Hi @alainschechter

I suggested two :smiley:

Most applications have user management capabilities. Should you want to implement one you can do so of course. Bubble is primarily a visual programming language. What this means basically is that you must program any and all features that you want for your application. :+1:t2:

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