Datatype and Option Set with a condition

Hello everyone…

Is any way to use Datatype and Option Set with a condition?

I’m filling the Dropdown list with information from the database. I
In case the database is empty with the required information I want the user to select from the Dropdown to choose from a list that will be filled from an Option Set.

Right now I’m using to Dropdown list with a condition to be visible when information is on the database and if it’s not the other Dropdown list will be visible.

But this way is not efficient and it makes it difficult to collect information and store it in the database.

Is there any way how to make it easier?


You could always just set your dropdown type to ‘text’ and then populate the values conditionally…

I’m not sure that’s any easier though than just using two separate dropdowns - and I’m not sure why that should make things difficult to save to the database?

How do I chose which dropdown list I want to store to database when I have two for the same thing?

Just use the same condition you use to display them.

Or just use the condition (when dropdown A is visible)

Or ‘When dropdown A’s value is not empty’

There are multiple ways to do it

Alright thanks… I will try…

Thanks again.

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What about to preselect from Option Set? Is there a way?
Like if it is on database select it… otherwise leave it empty.
Is it possible?


Is it possible?

I don’t really understand what you’re asking…

But I’m pretty sure it’s possible all the same.

I want the user to select an option from the Dropdown list.

But if the option is already on the database I want it to be preselected.

look… I’m providing users with predetermined information based on their choices.
If the information is not on the database they have to choose from the list.

For instance, if the Diesel is on the database, that option has to be selected automatically.


Just set the default value accordingly.

I already did it. With several conditions with every option. Thanks anyway…

I still don’t understand what you’re trying to do…

But I’m sure you can figure it out eventually.

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