Date and time of day filtering

Hello Bubblers,

I’m trying to figure out how to filter app requests based on date and time of day, ie.:

  • Show posts via repeating group only if current time of day is between 9h00a to 5h00p
  • Show posts via repeating group only if post creation is today
  • Show posts via repeating group created on a specific date or time range (ie. day, month) selected through date/time picker
  • Change to a different content in a header (ie. We are open - after 9h00a and We are closed - after 5h00p and during weekends)

The other thing I’m trying to do is to create reminders by calculating time/date (ie. create a new reminder each 3 hours starting from an specific time/date)

Any clues? Ideas?


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Hey there,

So, you’ll need to start by setting constraints on your repeating group data source. You have options to filter your Posts by their creation date and you can use “date range” to specify. Times are also part of date data.

If you have 2 different content headers, add visibility conditions that are defined by the current date/time.

For reminders, you can schedule a custom event or schedule API workflows.

There are a handful of different routes to take with what you described, but start here and let us know more specifics as you work through them.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

@diego1 Also trying to find out how to display data on repeating table with dates selected through date/time picker. Have you resolved this?

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