Date format isn't working


I’m working with the Tequila API of Kiwi, but I’m stuck. The documentation says “The correct date format is dd/mm/YYYY, e.g. 29/05/2021”. I’ve adjusted everything to this format and it still not working. I’ve made some screenshots to make it more clear, since I’m bad at explaining.

First I want to show you guys how I implemented the search call of the API, there you can see the parameters I filled in. The dates of these will be found back on the search results page what I will show later.

First, I’ve changed the date picker in the search bar to the date format.

Second, I’ve put the date format in the parameters in the workflow tab

Third, I’ve put them in the data source:

Fourth, I’ve put them in the repeating group:

And then this is the search results page!! The dates are from the API call.

Does anyone know how to get the date format to work? I do think it’s something small I keep forgetting, but I’ve been stuck on this for 2 weeks already and I just wanna move on…

I don’t understand what you mean when you say the date format isn’t working?….

What exactly do you mean? (What isn’t working?)…

What is supposed to happen that isn’t?…

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Seems very complicated to me.

Putting a text like 12/12/2023 in the page parameters feels like it could go wrong. The / will either need to be escaped or it will get lost.

Why do you need a new page to display results?

What’s supposed to happen is to get search results based on the search value’s (in this case the depart and return dates)… The API informs that you have to use the “dd/mm/yyyy” date format. But using the format isn’t giving me the search results I request. It give me the dates of the parameters of my API call…

I will actually try this. I followed a course that showed me that way, so I sticked by that. I think this is going to work, thank you.

In that case my guess would be the values you’re using in your workflow are empty (so it’s defaulting to the values used in the initial call in the API connector)…

Have you checked the values you’re using? (Check your server logs or use the debugger)…