Date Range computation

Hi ,
I am trying to calculate the range between two dates. Going date and return date as you can see here:

My problem is that it do not compute the range. It use to work but I don’t know why it’s not working anymore as you can see here un the result. the field is empty

Can you please help me it’s a nightmare…

Thank you


Switch out the " - " for the <-range-> modifier in your workflow, so that it looks like this:

flight-bothway-interval = result of step 1’s date retour <-range-> result of step 1’s date aller

Make sure the flight-bothway-interval field is also a “date range” type and not “date”

It use to be date interval and I juste changed it to date range but it’s still not working as you can see her:


Thank you for your help

Hm, could you share a link to your editor?

How do I do that ?

Copy the URL from your editor (doesn’t matter what section you’re on) and paste here. Make sure that it’s set to public (Settings > General > Application Rights)

please check private messages

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Hello, were you able to figure this out? I’m trying to do something which requires this function.

With gratitude.

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