Date Range - find Start not possible

How do I extract the start date of a date range?

I can’t see the option for start or end, but it should be possible.

Well this is a search constraint so it’s not the full range of operators, what would you want your final constraint to be? Like Date Range:start > Current date/time or something?

That would require a :filtered operator after the search, then Advanced: constraint and doing a more complex expression

Or there might be a way to format it for this search constraint if you share what you’re trying to do

I was afraid of that. I’m trying to avoid using filters as I don’t want to slow down the searches.

My app consists of a timeline where each cell is highlighted if the date range contains the point (current date).

Adding filters will slow down rendering even further but I need to display the text on the cell that is the start of the date range.

:thinking: So what is this search you’re doing? Hasn’t your search the item you want, you just want the text to show up on the first date?

Wouldn’t you have text with the condition Current cell's [thing]'s Date range:start:rounded down to date is [the cell one layer up]'s Date:rounded down to date?

It is a tricky one with the limitations of the search constraints

The header row is a RG (list of dates) and is visible when row index = 1
Subsequent rows are also RG (list of dates) and the text/background within each cell is visible when an Event (Resource) intersects with the list of dates

This is the Header Row data source.

and here’s all the subsequent rows containing the various coloured events.
The screenshot on the left is the selected Group showing the data source being date.
The screenshot on the right shows the text inside the group and the various conditions used to activate it. I know this is will be slow to render. I’m looking at ways to speed it up as much as possible.

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