Date Range - Need Help

I have searched the forums and I still can’t find a good answer for my use case on date ranges.

I have a table that has an “end date” field. What I am trying to display is the COUNT of rows that have an end date within the current date/time and current date/time +30 days. How can I accomplish this? I have tried so many different ways.

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Do you need more information than this to help?

End date >= Current date time // 28 Nov
End date <= Current date time: + 30 days // 28 December

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Oh, wow…thank you so much and I feel kinda dumb. I guess I didn’t realize you could use fields more than one time on the constraints. Thank you thank you thank you.

You’re welcome. Also, you can adjust the conditions of the constraints. Like, rounded to day, so the filter will always search from 12 AM instead of specific times like 3:53 PM or 9:22 AM

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