Date range only one input

Hi @valeri.kopaleishvili :slight_smile: I’m not 100% sure, but I think you would need a second, transparent input for the ending date that’s 1 month after the start date. When a date range value is saved it is in the format of:

Date Range Field = (Start Date Picker value)<–range–>(Transparent End Date Picker value):

The composer won’t allow you to do:
Date Range Field = (Start Date Picker value)<–range–>(Start Date Picker value + 1 month)

But you can style the End Date Input to be small and transparent, and it’s initial content to be:
(Start Date Picker’s value + 1 month):

This way, if the User selects 7/12 as their start for example, it will look like this once it’s saved:

Note: To ensure the End Date Picker’s value is always 1 month after the Start Date Picker Value, I placed a group around the End Date Picker, and reset its content each time the Start Date picker’s value is changed:



That should do it! :slight_smile: But feel free to let me know if you have any questions!