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Date/time picket set minimum hour according to hour value of another date/time field

Hi Bubble community,

I have two Date/Time picket fields: DateStart & DateEnd
I want DateEnd’s earliest date/time to be bound to DateStart’s value as to avoid impossible situation where DateEnd < DateStart.

Easy enough to set that up on the date part of the Date/Time but how to set this also for the date part of the element ?

If I set DateEnd’s minimum hour to DateStart’s value extract: hour, then this applies to any date! Howver, this constraint is only relevant when DateEnd’s date = DateStart’s date.

I tried to use a conditional value by using ‘format as text’ on a yes/no parameter, but then I don’t think I can transform a text back to a date or time value ?

Have you worked around this issue?
Thanks for your help!

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