Date : wenesday 23 octobre 2019 - how to extract 23 and not 4

Hello !
On a date field, 10/31/2019 12:45 pm, I wish to obtain the number of the date and not the number of the place of the day in the week…

For wenesday 23 octobre 2019 -> 10/23/2019 12:45 pm - how to obtain 23 and not 4…


You can click the formatting of the date field and set it to custom formatting. Then just remove everything but what you don’t want. That would display only what you want.

Or are you trying to save these items while still showing the full date and time?

Hello troy.roberge.

Yes, I’ts the second choice.
In the workflow of a submint button, I’ve a “Make change to…” in wich I wish to extract (like in the above exemple ) in another field the number 23 and not 4…


In fact the destination field was number as for month and year…
So I’ve change it in texte and sudenly… it was ok !!


And finaly I’ve done the same for month and date.
I gather the 3 results in one separate text fields so the date become 191023.

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