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DateInput - display issues


I have so silly questions please:When using a DateInput

A. It cuts off the year on the drop Down. I increased the height, but it still cuts it off.It seems the 'pop-up is not big enough. But there is space above ‘2016’. Is there an allignment i maybe missed?

B. it is hard to select a year prior to the top one of the drop-down menu. After a while i figured out if i select the top one, i can open it again and the top one would be earlier and i i secelt that one and re-open it, i can select another earlier date, and so on until I get to the one i need. I had to do this 5 times to get to 1980, not ideal.

I was unable to add static content to the ‘minimum’ don’t know if that would help with the second issue, but just wana see other user’s feedback before i ask staff if this is how it is for now and if it might be a possible development upgrade.

Yeh, it is not the best, I noticed that as well on one of my demos it is the same, you should raise a Bug_report at let the guys sort the styling.

Cheers, again thanks for your time.