Dates minus one day when displayed

Thanks for the help. I have currently posted a bug in the forum and submitted a bug report to bubble on this.

I am pretty sure there is a bug, and created a test app that I linked to in the bug post on the forum.

If you have an inclination to take a look at the bug post, you will see a bit more about what is happening. Now, I don’t get the wrong data, instead I get no data at all. It is very strange which is why I needed to create the test app to verify it is a bug and not that I am crazy.

I have actually been experiencing a lot of bugs on bubble recently. A new one is occurring as I write this reply which keeps telling me a reply is being drafted on another page and to reload this page. I have no other page open for another draft. Very strange things happening recently…I think after the hackathon is when I started noticing a lot of strange behavior on bubble.