DateTime rounded down to day not working as expected with webhook

Hi all!

I have a problem with the “rounded down to day” function in my app.

I have a workflow where I use the current date rounded down to day (2022/02/01 03:09 pm > 2022/02/01 00:00 am) to “create a thing” and store the date in a column (Current DateTime:rounded down to day). When I run this workflow from a page the date is rounded as expected, everything is ok. When the same workflow is triggered by a webhook (POST request) I have an offset of two hours (2022/02/01 02:00 am with the example above).

I tried to do something like this: Current DateTime:rounded down to day: hours: -2. It works for the webhook triggered workflow but it’s not a good solution because sometimes I need to trigger the workflow from the page.

Any idea? I’m in France so I guess it’s related because my timezone is UTC+02:00 but I have no idea how to implement this In my workflow. Do you think it’s a bug? maybe I Should contact bubble directly.

Thanks all!

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