Db related question

Hey guys,

I intend to build an app that would provide customers with 3 options:

  1. on premise database that would be hosted on either the customer’s on premise or cloud server.
  2. on bubble’s database (or another cloud I choose).
  3. on both, for redundancy.

How can I backup bubble’s db on another location? Like a scheduled backup

For now I am just asking if it’s possible like that. It should but I need to be sure.
Second, is anyone interested into helping me achieve this? (paid help).


I’d say possible, and 3x or more the work of building one app.

Every data reference will need a conditional alternative.

Synching two databases is difficult, especially when you have tables linked to other tables, consider deletes, and deciding when synch is desired.

Some ingredients:
SQL Connector
API Connector
API Workflows